Beds RSOC Regional Show & Track Day - 19/02/05

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  2. I've not got the hump at all, I actually find you quite funny, proper little keyboard warrior! :D
  3. Kevin

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    Good show claire well done..........
    let hairball try it next yr
  4. ARS


    Very good show and good day well done. The only things i can say are that i handed in a pass on the morning as a mate couldnt come, and im glad that helped a track car get in, as it was good to see them all. On the advert it did say no under 16's well on the day i see 4 kids all under the age, so what went wrong there? This was the reason my mate didnt come as couldnt bring one of his kids??????? And the only other thing was it was a very cold day and they shut up sellin drinks at 2.30pm, we all were freezin and no warm drinks??? But other wise a very good show, cant wait till next year.
  5. think its a case of they make rules and break rules................ :cheers:
  6. hairball - shut up, you're just making yourself look like a cock now!

    ARS - our contract with Palmer Sport stated in no uncertain terms that no under 16s were allowed on site. There were 3 children who got thru the main gate without us seeing them and thankfully rather than kick them out Palmer Staff spoke to the parents and had them sign a disclaimer saying they were on site at their parents risk.

    I thought this was pretty good of them as they had every right to throw them off site, instead they contacted me asap and advised me what they were prepared to do.

    And as previously said, any passes given to us on the day were used to get other cars into the venue, but we didnt take any money from them as we weren't allowed :rolleyes:
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  7. Sorry could,nt stop myself, just love winding people up.........
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    we didn`t take money on the gate rearly we didn`t ......
    no kids were alloud rearly there not .......
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