Beds RSOC Regional Show & Track Day - 19/02/05

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  1. Venue: Bedford Autodrome

    Date: Saturday 19th February 2005

    Attractions will include:

    All day Track action
    Tarmac 'play' Area
    Mini Rally Course
    Indoor Concourse Competition
    Regional Group & Club Stands
    Trader Stands (indoor)
    Raffle - Win a Mercedes Benz SL55* for a weekend!!!!
    Plus more yet to be confirmed............


    £80 Track Pass (includes admission for driver)
    £5 Passenger Passes (SOLD OUT)
    £25 Pit Garage (SOLD OUT)
    £50 Trade pitch

    General Admission Costs:

    £5 per car

    No under 16s or animals allowed on site, sorry.

    ADVANCE BOOKINGS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! (space is limited so book early to avoid disappointment)

    Sound Restrictions are:
    87db Drive by
    101db Static

    For Track passes, Passenger passes & Pit garage bookings please make cheques payable to "Beds RSOC" and send to Beds RSOC c/o 111 Wigram Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 9UT including your name, address and what you are paying for.
    Any queries should be directed to Gemma Barrett on 07866 581085

    For club stand, General Entry and Trader enquires please send cheques made payable to 'Beds RSOC' to 23 Lampitts Cross, Eaglestone, Milton Keynes, MK6 5LJ including detaisl of what you are paying for.
    Any queries should be directed to Clare McNeaney on 07770 511152 or email

    *Terms & Conditions apply
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  2. GarethB

    GarethB RSOC Member RSOC Member 33712

    Why no under 16's?

    Does not make for a familly event does it!
  3. It isn't a family event, its a Track Day for RS enthusiasts.

    Its purely a safety requirement and once you see the venue you'll see why. I wouldn't want it on my consience if a kiddie ran out onto the track, as im sure Bedford Autodrome wouldn't either.
  4. martinlabatts

    martinlabatts RSOC Member RSOC Member 52642

    whats the track noice limit?
  5. Noise limits are:

    87db Driveby
    101db Static
  6. GarethB

    GarethB RSOC Member RSOC Member 33712

    So the autodrome does not have safety barriers?

    Llandow, Lyden, Croft and Margaham with the rallye stage are all familly events with track action for RS enthusiasts!

    Many of my members have kids under 16 WHO ARE RS Enthusiasts. I Can not see a big turn out from the Central Group. Sorry, even at Santa Pod we allow a degree of vehicle movement from stand to strip in the lunchbreak.

    Wish you all the best with the show, but perhaps should re-think what really makes a show; Track, Concorse, Visiting Clubs or being a familly day out? All the shows I have been to and help organise have been a combination of all, you can not reky on just one thing!
  7. Well there's always gonna be some people who wants to **** on our parade, so i'll thank you for your opinion....... and continue to accept the bookings that are starting to come in :rsg:
  8. Scott R50 FMC

    Scott R50 FMC

    I dont want to pi$$ on your parade mate but, could you not get a better date than february because I show my car but I for one will not bring it out before April because of the salt and shat all over the roads..........cant see anybody with a show car bringing it out that early in the year mate........most if not all of them will still be in bits being cleaned and prepped for the oncoming season...sorry.:(
  9. If you cast your mind back to a post on the General Discussion Forum there were plenty of people asking for some shows to be outside of the 'normal summer show season' and to not have so many static shows.

    If you were trying to organise a show like this and you saw the difference in cost between Feb and March/April you'd see exactly why it's happening in February.

    If we get enough support from people this year and make enough money to put down a deposit for next year then maybe we can move it up a few months, but right now, we're trying our best with what we've got ok, please don't expect a miracle cos none of us are God!
  10. Gareth,

    Bedford doesn't have ANY barriers thats why its soooo popular, you can push the car to beyond its limits and know that you won't hit anything (apart from other trackers)....

    I also have 2 children who come to many of the shows with me but they are 5 and 9 so cannot attend this show, so i know how the under 16 rule will effect people.

    The rest,

    I have been informed by a lot of regulars to Bedford that it is an excellent track and will book up quickly due to this. Perhaps we should just have a track day and forget all the other bits????
    At the end of the day this will be the 1st EVER Beds Grp show and we will be finding our feet this time and as Clare says the reason it is in Feb is puely down to cost...

    Jan/Feb £XXX
    Mar/Apr price more than doubles
    May/June price trebles
    July/Aug price is just under 5X

    We were hoping that the first few years have it earlier in the year and then once we are stable finacially move the show to later on in the year.

    How many people can hold their hand on heart and say that from 8am - 5pm they stay at a static show with no strip/track????

    A lot of shows are the same cars in a different field from week to week. The Beds Grp have tried to get other Grps envolved in this but with no interest. I persionally think that 2 or 3 Grps should get together and organise 1 big show in thier area that way we don't trapse all around the country every sunday doing the same old thing in a different field.

    We knew that we could not make everyone happy but Bedfod Autodrome is a very good place (has much more than just a track) but we cannot afford all the packages this year...... everyone has to start somewhere and I hope to see lots of RS owners on the 19th :thumbsup:

    This is why we have the little ensentive of RS cars are £5 per car and non RS cars are £5 per person to try and tempt a few RS's out on the colder months;)

  11. Steve/Clare - I think you've got this spot on. Too much stuff going on in the summer anyway. The Autodrome is out of my price range for a track day at any other time of the year than Winter.
    I love trackdays, don't care if the car gets wet, and appreciate the run-off at Bedford :spin: so pay no heed to whining bufty's.

    MASSIVE thumbs up from me.
    All I have to do now is get an old fangled chequebook to pay for it. Haven't had one for about 15 yrs. Do you take VISA;)
  12. Hi Newts, thanks for the support :thumbsup:

    Im not sure on the Visa thing, but we should be able to sort you some details for a bank transfer if that makes it any easier?
  13. Clare make him come to the Beds meet and pay cash....;)

    Andy ...... Beds meet this monday:thumbsup:
  14. Doing well Steve,

    Nice to see the first show of the season will be Beds Group!

    This is excellent - look forward to the track action :)

    Unfortunately quite a few buffty's (myself included) only tax their car from 1st April so you might have a low turnout on the concourse front.

    I am sure it will be one of many!!

    If you need any help give us a shout.

    Can't wait :)

  15. We are now able to offer Passenger Passes in advance.

    All we need is your full name, and you will be required to sign an indemnity form on the day.

    Please send a cheque made payable to Beds RSOC with a covering note saying how many Passenger passes you want and what names you want on them to:

    Beds RSOC 111 Wigram Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 9UT

    Please note, the cost of a Passenger pass does not include cost of entrance to the show.
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  16. Track Entrants:

    Richard PON
    Gra Fraher
    Dave Keech (Cliff)
    Martin Hadland
    Steve Stroden
    Rob Oldman
    Dave Green
    Martin Howell
    Keith O'Brien
    Steve Davis
    Chris Bradwell
    Paul Stratton
    Martin Smith
    Tony Sayers
    Matt @ SCC
    Ian Gratton
    Mark Brown
    Oli Meredith
    Andy Harpall
    Dan Savage
    Grant Ross
    Peter Taylor
    Tony Turbo
    Jim Galbally
    Jim Brassington (Brasso)
    Gary Hayward (@APT)
    Christian Major
    Paul Eggleton
    Gav Diamond
    Terry Thorne (FRS)
    Alex (J871YHK)

    If you want to get added to the list please let us know

    All 20 pit garages have now been allocated, if you wish to give up your pit garage please tell us asap.
    If you wish to go on a reserve list for a pit garage also let us know.
  17. Kevin

    Kevin RSOC Member RSOC Member 19748

    As a concourser one question
    Is trailering a concourse car
    allowed to your show?????
    if not i will not be attending
    as it will be the debut of my 500
    cheeRS AND IT WILL ONLY be
    trailered to shows next yr...
    good luck with the bookings.
    also as the concourse is inside
    do we have to pre-book????
    if so put me down now:thumbsup:
  18. Kev, trailers are fine altho they will probably have to remain outside in the car park.

    We will be taking concourse booings in advance. Im waiting for the RSOC to confirm all is ok with it being a logbook event before starting to take names.
  19. Dave O'Neill
    ricky williams

    Cheque received thank you

  20. Please could you confirm that there is still track space available?

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