Beds RSOC Regional Show & Track Day - 19/02/05

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  1. Hi Kieron, yes at the moment there is still track space available and people are starting to pay up to confirm their space.

    We are setting a deadline for Oct 1st, after this date we will advertise with other car club forums to try and sell any remaining Track space.
  2. Thanks Clare, I will get a cheque in the post. :thumbsup:
  3. We are nearing the stages of finalising contracts for the show and to accomodate some contract amendments there will be some changes to the previously advertsied details:

    Pit / Passenger Passes:
    These will now be restricted in number. Access to the pit lane will only be granted to persons holding a track pass or passenger pass.

    Club Stands:
    We will be limited on numbers for club stands, so early booking with confirmed numbers will be essential - first come, first served basis.

    This will not be part of the RSOC Log book scheme.
    Instead there will be 3 Categories;
    Pre '81
    1982 to 2000
    2001 +
    Entry to the Concourse event will be £3 + your normal entry fee (this includes indoor parking for the day)


    The most important change is that we are NOT able to take money on the day, therefore because of the tight control on numbers all areas will have to be ADVANCE PAYMENT ONLY.
    This will include: All Track passes, Passenger passes, Club stand passes, Concourse passes and General entry passes. All prices remain as quoted, although it will now be £5 entry per car no matter what you are driving and no matter how many people are in the car.

    Numbers are also restricted for General Entry, so if you were planning on turning up on the day just to watch the track and wander round you will also need to apply in advance for a General Admission Pass (£5 per car).

    Track Pass & Passenger Pass cheques should made payable to 'Beds RSOC' and sent to Beds RSOC, 111 Wigram Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 9UT
    You must include a note letting us know what you are paying for, and what the Driver and Passenger Names are (if possible also track car reg number).
    Any queries please speak to Gemma Barrett on 07866 581085

    Club Stand places, Trader Bookings and General Admission cheques should be made payable to 'Beds RSOC' and sent to Beds RSOC, 23 Lampitts Cross, Eaglestone, Milton keynes, MK6 5LJ including details of what you are paying for.
    Any queries please speak to Clare McNeaney on 07770 511152

    We apologise for the changes that have been made, unfortunately this is part and parcel of organising a show for the first time for all of us.

    Please do not hesitate to contact either Steve, Gemma or myself with any questions or queries, alternatively post your questions here.


    Events Co-Ordinator
    Beds RS Owners Club
  4. martinlabatts

    martinlabatts RSOC Member RSOC Member 52642


    do you have any track passes left?

    how much is it for one track pass and one passenger pass including entry ect,

    is there space for the car to be trailered ect,

    thanks martin.

    p.s is the noice test very strict, as the drive bye seams very low?

    whots donningtons normal track day drive bye?
  5. Martin

    Yes there are Track passes left at the moment.

    Track pass is £80 (includes entry to the venue for 1 car + 1 driver)
    £5 Individual passenger/pit pass
    £5 entry per car to the venue

    Yes there is space for trailers to be parked up outside the pit lane.

    The noise limit is strict and set to those limits (which aren't very different from a lot of tracks).

    If you have any further questions gimme a call or drop me an email :D
  6. Kevin

    Kevin RSOC Member RSOC Member 19748

    I will now be there but in the
    traders part selling off my rs bits
    so come and look for a bargain
    it must all go......................
    cossy parts
    rsi parts,
    trim, wheels, d40,s, glass,
    engine, lights,steering wheels,
    seats, lots more
    oh yes and duvets at £30 each
    cheers :thumbsup:
  7. mark richardson

    mark richardson RSOC Member RSOC Member 31158

    Hi - can i still get a general admission pass by sending you the money?
  8. Hi Mark

    Yes you can :thumbsup:
  9. hi there is there ang tickets left for the track day
  10. Hi Lee

    Yes there is at the moment, all tickets are advance only so book up asap to avoid disappointment :)
  11. ARS


    Do we have to book tickets. to just come and see your regional day and give you some support?
  12. Yes im afraid so, there is a limit on the number of vehicles we can have on the site so to control this all tickets are advance only.

    To come along and watch is only £5 per car, but these tickets are starting to sell quickly.

    There are no PASSENGER passes left now, but these passes are transferable on the day so be nice to someone with a pass and they may share it with you lol
  13. Kieron,

    do you still want your Track pass???
  14. ARS


    Hello, is it £5 per car, so if there is 4 of us its just £5 or is it £5 each? and is it booked by each car or each person. Thanks alot and lookin forward to coming. And where about is the track?
  15. For general entry passes and club stand passes please send cheques made payable to BEDS RSOC to:

    23 Lampitts Cross
    Milton Keynes
    MK6 5LJ
  16. ARS


    Hi Clare, how do i go about bookin and gettin some tickets?
  17. Read my post above yours lol
  18. ARS


    ok thanks alot, sorry for being a pain. will do that and get it sorted.. CheeRS

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