Beds RSOC Regional Show & Track Day - 19/02/05

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  1. Update:

    ALL Passenger passes now sold out
    ALL General entry passes now sold out

    Only approx 7 track passes left.
  2. Kieron, i got you cheque today.


  3. Hello if i have a track pass does that only admit one person i would like to bring the misses aswell
  4. All passes are now sold out im afraid.

    Thank you to all those who have supported us
  5. wow, looks like you will need a bigger venue next year. Good to see a show this early full up. Well Done :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  6. hi so if i turn up on the day i carnt pay on gate?
    if so im gutted have made plans to go aswell with mates and took time off work!
  7. There is NO pay on the day, it is an Advance ticket event only as stated in all the adverts im afraid.

    Escosmat - sorry only just seen your post above, your track pass will admit anyone in your car into the show, but only you into the pit lane.
  8. reply-
    Clare :There is NO pay on the day, it is an Advance ticket event only as stated in all the adverts im afraid.

    so you messed my whole weekend up and then my mates turn up at bedford pay there £5 and straight in ...wots going on fuc*ing well pi**ed off never again will i support the bedford weekend fuc* ups
    fuc*ed right off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown
  9. o dear whats gone on??????????????????
  10. oops seems there is more than one person upset
  11. I think you will find that NO ONE paid on the day as we weren't allowed to take any money on the gate.

    There were a small number of people who had tickets to collect on the gate.

    And excuse me, I didnt mess your weekend up, if you had read the advert you would have seen it was advance ticket only, but keep on blaming me if you like as I know its easier than admitting you didnt read it properly.
  12. 6 people off this site alone i know paid on the gate and never booked in advance ,unless you have dishonest helpers who were pocketing the money.
    if them said people dare back me up who paid entry fee on the gate without prior booking then post it on here and i will accept clares appology in writing.
    if no body does then i will also fully appologize to clare in writing .
    i obviously read the advert or i would of turned up on the day if i thought i could pay on the gate and not posted the question "can i pay on the day".
    the reason i asked was that the said 6 had told me they were going and had not pre booked!and they all got in !
  13. There were a few people let thru the gate in the afternoon without tickets as a number of people had gone home so the numbers weren't as strict, but it was Palmersport staff on the gate after lunchtime and I know they didnt take any money off people.

    Both myself and Gemma were on the entrance most of the morning and we didnt take a penny off people. A couple of clubs gave us some passes back on the gate as people hadnt turned up, and we used those (about 4 of them) to get some cars on site but they didnt pay us for them............ as I said before, we couldn't take money on the day.
  14. and all this stuff about written apologies, get off ya soapbox will ya lol
  15. well cost me a fiver on the gate in the morning ,i dont know what all the fuss is about,and why this should only be tickets only,they didnt turn away my money :dur:
  16. Well I enjoyed the day as did my son, I realised it was ticket only so why didnt you HAIRBALL ??????????????????
    Blind? stupid? or just thick?
    NOW get off Clare,s back......................
    Well done Bedford, and very well done Clare, already looking forward to next years event.

    Steve Miller (Swindon RSOC)
  17. are you thick i did realise .....hence i never went!
    talk about thick,stupid,blind, read the post properly you blind stupid thick idiott! lol :wft:
  18. Well what?

    You really need to get a life and get over yourself mate :pC:

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