Isle of Wight RSOC Regional Day

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  1. The IOW RSOC are holding their first regional day on 25th September 2005 at Robin Hill Country Park. Tickets are just £5 which includes entry to Robin Hill which is a theme park with lots of rides and attractions!! All clubs are more than welcome to attend so those you are interested can either let me know this way or phone myself on 07929428370 or phone Graham Saunders (chairman) on 01983 281279.

    Kerry Eldridge
    IOW RSOC Secretary.
  2. What no-one interested then?????
  3. sounds interesting to me, i put a link on passion ford aswell.
    where abouts on the island is robin hill country park??
  4. its on the oustskirts of Newport, about 25 min drive from the ferry

    Does the group have to consist of RS's?

    I'm sure Ford Sport will be interested in putting a stand up...
  5. The group doesn't have top consist of RS's but preferably Fords!! Who are Ford Sport then, and where are they based??
  6. Essex would like a stand please xx
  7. :hello: Cheers for that buffy - you have pm. Graham :D
  8. somerset group intrested in a stand! let me have details & i will raise it at our next meet :cheers: :banana:
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  9. i will be there kezza
  10. :hello: Hi all glad to see we're getting some interest in our show!!
    Have pm'd you jaypen.
    If anyone else is interested drop me a line or contact me on 07966398524 and I'll be happy to discuss it further
    :cheers: Graham (Chairman IOW RSOC)
  11. cozzed

    cozzed RSOC Member RSOC Member 52682

    I should think the hants group would have a stand . cheers Brendan
  12. Turboboy67


    Hi All :wavey: :wavey: , Yeah Dorset group will be coming along. Now my backs better after the last visit :D :D,

    See you lot on Sunday :cheers:

    Shaun, Dorset RSOC Chairman.

    Various RS's, most in bits !!!!!!!!!!!!

    :spin: :spin: :banana: :banana: :banana: :spin: :spin:
  13. Black Cat

    Black Cat RSOC Member RSOC Member 33476

    I'm interested. Will see if the rest of the Devon group fancy it. :)
  14. Kevin

    Kevin RSOC Member RSOC Member 19748

    Hi yea i might be interested in that
    is there a show and shine comp ??
    or just a show , looks good
  15. where is every one staying i need to book up .. as i aint camping no more xx
  16. well ive posted up on the escort owners club so il let u know the outcome but i cant see us not coming over to this
  17. :hello: Cheers everyone looks as if we're gonna be getting a great crowd. Definate show n shine comp (as long as the weather lets us!!) intergroup comps, traders, visiting clubs as well as locals and entrance to the park included. Camping grounds or hotels/BB's nearby. Will get phone numbers out to you all with the paperwork! Cheers again, Graham :clap: :clap:
  18. PSOOC MSC and South Hants will be there :]

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