Castle Combe Date Sat 7th July 2007

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  1. Wildheart Derbyshire haven't applied for a club stand? or if they have I haven't received it yet.

  2. wildheart


    The form was posted out this week!

    Good old reliable royal mail:mad:
  3. I have had a couple of clubs applications gone missing which they then cancelled checks and re-sent new one's.

    Contact me direct david.joyce59@btinternet can prob do on line if needs be.

  4. wildheart


    Thanks Dave,
    Will contact you tomorrow saturday to see if you have recieved it,if not then i will cancel the cheque and do it direct.

    Just heard on the news about a postal strike so no doubt its something to do with that!
  5. wildheart


    Dave i tried sending you an email but it kept bouncing back so i have sent a pm.
  6. Visiting clubs will be on grass and tarmac. Unfortunately there's not enough space just on tarmac. Grass shouldn't be a problem though as it'll be 100 degrees and sun sun sun just like every other year!!!
  7. PM back to you Kris.
  8. Kris just noticed I've left the .com off the end of my e-mail address DOH!

    Should be:
  9. D7AKE

    D7AKE RSOC Member RSOC Member 17559

    Last minute traders 07958233706

    pay on the day

    trade plts from £30

  10. Thanks for the info.

    Fingers crossed I'm on the tarmac then.

    Grass sucks when it's wet!
  11. wildheart


    Have the Derbyshire tickets and passes been sent out as i havent recieved them yet and i have to get them to some of the members thursday night!

    Cheers Kris.
  12. Sent out the same day I received your application form which was Saturday should have been picked up by posty Monday morning for Tuesday delivery, ought to have them by the morning.

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  13. wildheart


    :cheers: Got them this morning
  14. Thank fook for that panic over.

  15. James, you taking the escos?
  16. No I'm taking my 248K mile Astra diesel!

    Of course I'm taking my Cosworth, I actually drive mine unlike some people!

    You coming down then Nick?

    Get the Cosworth out of the garage it's going to be a lovely day mate!
  17. Not anymore told i cant enter concours (regional crap) so cant see the point in going now!

    Havent looked at the car in about two weeks, and been working lates this week so havent had a chance to polish the car!!

    Combe is just down the road from me aswell!!!!!!

  18. Message sent via your personal e-mail.

    Swindon/Bristol RS Show Committee

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