Castle Combe Date Sat 7th July 2007

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  1. Hi all. Just a quickie to let you know that the Swindon & Bristol Castle Combe event is confirmed for Saturday 7th July 2007.

    For application forms or specific information, you can e-mail details/questions to or leave a message on 01454 854366.

    You can also keep an eye on .

    See you all there.
    CC2007 event committee
  2. Sean


    Looking forward to it already,great show. :thumbup:
  3. I'll be at this one. Awsome day out !!!
  4. and the feoc will be there again as last year was great
  5. wildheart


    When does track time go on sale for this and what will the cost be?
  6. I thought the escort cosworth would have been on the parade lap this year coz its 15 years old ??
  7. Looking forward to this one - another one i couldnt make last year :wall:
  8. Hi there

    We already have a list of models for this years parade laps and because it raises a shed load of cash for charity we'd love to have more. But we have to draw the line somewhere to make sure that the display looks like a display and not just a load of different cars all parked together. We'd love to see a repeat of the 100 or so Escort Cosworths from a few years ago. Maybe next year.

    The application forms for this years event are nearly ready. Keep an eye out at . Or send your details to and we'll send them out as soon as they are ready. Or leave your details on 01454 854366.

    Cost of ALL DAY track time to RSOC members is £115. Bargain.

    Many thanks for your suggestions, we do listen.

    CC2007 Event Committee
  9. Hi All,

    Just to let everyone know who has asked the updated wesbite is now online
    and Taking Booking for the Up Coming Show on the 7th July.

    There is currently 15% Discount for track passes up untill the end of April.

    And 10% Discount on Admission tickets in advance.

    If you have any queries do not hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for all you support in 2006 and look forward to seeing you all again
    this year.

    RSCOMBE Comittee Member.
  10. Concours at Combe 2007

    For the first timeina few years RSOC Concours will take place at this years Combe Event.
    See our web page for more info and booking forms.
  11. i dont seem to be able to enter the site for a track session booking form :thumbdown .can i email or any other way of getting the booking form as i would like to have a go on track in my mk2 rs2.please help
  12. Hi there

    Sorry to hear you can't access website forms. We'll look into it.
    For now though, e-mail your name and address to and we'll send you an application form. Or telephone 01454 854366 and leave details there.

    Hope this helps.

    CC2007 Event Committee
  13. thanks m8,email sent :cheers:
  14. Always a top class event at castle combe, central club will be there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. how do i book track time? im deffo going out this year

  16. Thats great news :thumbsup:
  17. Please go to or leave details on 01454 854366 or e-mail details to and a form will be posted to you.

    Hope this helps.

    CC2007 Event Committee
  18. Always a great day! cant wait!
  19. hi peeps

    see you there , ill be on track with the red rs2000 , should be a good day like always

    thanks Mark/Ian for all the help well appricated

    cheers Marco

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