2007 Devon Regional Day

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  1. and you guys have on the other thread....get real. and jemmas post was put up the way it was because of the way you guys were pushing for US to move dates.

    if you guys have a problem with the date, arrange to move it, because to us it is not a problem.

    our show will be better than ever, as im sure yours will be.
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  2. RS2000CUSTOM


    The contestant No 000001 on The X Factor got their entry in first

    Did they automatically win - NO

    Regional Days should be organised in co-operation with ALL Regional Groups and NOT simply a race who gets their entries in first
  3. so why does that mean we have to move?

    getting a date is not a contest, we went for a date, the rsoc said yes. end of story.
  4. Paul Coz

    Paul Coz RSOC Member RSOC Member 36033

    Kin hell. What the hell is going on here :wall: :wall:

    We chose a date on the calendar based around other shows in our region and applied for the date.

    There was no mention of another regional Group wanting the same date. Then all of a sudden we get the go ahead and all sh*t breaks loose.

    This needs to be bottomed out. The national club said yes to the date and we were happy. Then Cumbria say we have got this date.

    When we had a regional day on the same date about 3 years ago nothing like this happened.
  5. RS2000CUSTOM


    Nice to see Jemma has "edited" her post on the Devon RSOC BB

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    A couple of "facts" have been removed from her statement :confused:
  6. i edited jemmas posts. as a moderator i thought it best as it obviously caused offence, which it was not meant to do.

    from the Devon group i apologise if things were said that shouldnt have been.
  7. RS2000CUSTOM


    No apology needed :hug:

    I just think a cut-off date for ALL proposed dates for shows etc should be made and shows organised accordingly

    If a group put their request in after this date then they should expect to have whatever dates are then free

    No need for 2 groups to share the same day under any circumstances
  8. dave1800bda

    dave1800bda RSOC Mk2 RS1800 Registrar

    it was not at all nice to see those statements on a BB, especially against fellow club groups. We are all in this to support our cars at the end of the day, and comments like that are not fair.

    The club needs to support both groups here somehow, i am bias towards the Cumbria weekend cos of the old skool, and members as far as ireland,wales and scotland will be in attendance as always so it needs to be sorted, to make members remember how the shows used to be like. Great
  9. so we all need to ask the national team to do that next year so this sort of thing doesnt happen,
  10. and the cumbria show is great!

    but we love what we do and can say things like that some times ,i guess its passion....
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  11. Its always better to engage the brain before the fingers Jemma :pC:

    They are so far apart it will not make much difference if both run on the same day. Most Southerners get dizzy north of Watford Gap anyway :D

    Both should be a success.

    cheeRS Ders.
  12. topaz


    I think its common courtesy that should be shown if the new date whoever has chosen has been used the year previous by somebody else.

    Maybe the national events co-ordinator didnt co-ordinate.
  13. Maybe the national events co-ordinator didnt co-ordinate. lmao lmao lmao
  14. dave1800bda

    dave1800bda RSOC Mk2 RS1800 Registrar

    thats true ders, thanks.

    Jemmas been patiently watching this ;)
  15. oggiesr

    oggiesr RSOC Mk2 Mexico Registrar RSOC Life Member RSOC Member RSOC Registrar LIFE Member 26731

    Cumbria Group
    IT DID AND IT HAS :wall:

  16. I posted a reply similar to this and it was deleted, im 99% sure it was anyway.

    who ever organised 2 regional shows on the same day needs there ar$£ kicking. just becuase there may be a local show to me and another ie croft on the same weekend thats not fair to the event organisers..... it isnt giveing them a fair crack of the whip.

    imo all regional shows should be on different weekends... not as if theres that many is there?
  17. RS2000CUSTOM


    OH so you did know the date the Cumbria "USUALLY" holds its regional day on then ? lmao :cry: lmao :cry: :ignore:
  18. IT DID AND IT HAS :wall:

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