2007 Devon Regional Day

Discussion in 'RSOC Shows & Events - Dates & News' started by JemmaST2, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. ....

    post deleted
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  2. same day as the cumbria group day
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  3. RS2000CUSTOM


    Why have you chosen this date when it is the Cumbria "Weekender" ?

    Old Skool Lakes Tour 07 on the Saturday

    Cumbria RSOC Regional Day on the Sunday

    52 weekends a year and you both want that one ????????
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  4. Cumbria All The Way !!!!!!!!!
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  5. dave1800bda

    dave1800bda RSOC Mk2 RS1800 Registrar

    as said on other threads, cumbria has had this weekend for the last couple of years.

    Its difficult for us old skool now as we like the lake tour and cumbria show and we know what to book off in advance.

    alot of old skool are going to cumbria from down here

    a bit of foresight needed
  6. looks like common sense saved the day
  7. well it does say there the most intelligent group !!!!

    in jemma's siggy !
  8. Black Cat

    Black Cat RSOC Member RSOC Member 33476

    I don't have anything to do with choosing the date (apart from asking that it doesn't clash with a local Capri show) so I've no idea how this has happened.

    And I've no idea why Jemma deleted her post without any explanation, I'll be asking about it at our next pub meet.

    As for most intelliegent group - we won the quiz at the Cornwall show, no big deal! :rolleyes: Just luck on the day.
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  9. Shows 2007

    Hi all

    Devon booked the day first with a full application Cumbria then booked with a full application ,Spoke to both Steve (Cumbria ) and Jemma (Devon ) and it was agreed that Steve didnt want to put concourse on this year ( log book ) so it was decided that Devon would have concourse.

    Both agreed that with the distance between the two venues it would not harm the shows and both still want that date .


    All show dates to be published in next Rallye News (when Nat Day date finalised )
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  10. I guess not. Oh well.

    Dont people realise that numbers could be down at both events due to this? Are the numbers not already down due to lack of interest?

    The RS500 is in its 20th year and it looks like the display at both of these events will be affected by this administrative error. (or pre planned one)

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  11. RS2000CUSTOM


    Love your attitude :hug: lmao

    Nice to know the RSOC is working together as always - NOT :clap:

    Please confirm why The RSOC National Club is NOT supporting Cumbria Regional Show ? - or is this just YOUR OWN opinion ?

    Who has voted Devon "Best Show of The Year" ? - or is this just YOUR OWN opinion ?

    I am not a local group member but I have travelled on numerous occasions to support many RSOC Regional Day events since 2000
  12. thats charming that is.

    I would be fuming if I were a Cumbrian RSOC member.

    How rude.
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  13. Tim


    i went to devon and cumbria show this year and cumbria was a lot better imo
  14. RS 1800

    RS 1800 RSOC Member RSOC Registrar RSOC Member 17981

    Originally Posted by JemmaST2

    I say this only once

    Devon is the best show of the year
    (we requested the date first so go away cumbria)

    We are supported by the national RS club they are not

    YES we are having concours
    Cumbria dont belive in concours, they only like the old skool cars

    (I hope I never meet cumbria I have a few words for them)
    Events Organsier
    Regional Day Organiser

    I have been a member of this club for since the early 90s and to me I can not see no problem with the two shows on the same day.
    However with the remarks from the Events Organsier/Regional Day Organiser in the position they hold within the club I think they have spoken in bad taste towards the other local group,
    Makes you wonder in which direction the club is going


    D Hackleton
  15. oggiesr

    oggiesr RSOC Mk2 Mexico Registrar RSOC Life Member RSOC Member RSOC Registrar LIFE Member 26731

    Cumbria Group
  16. oggiesr

    oggiesr RSOC Mk2 Mexico Registrar RSOC Life Member RSOC Member RSOC Registrar LIFE Member 26731

    Cumbria Group
    why have you got a woman organising it any way, shouldn't she be just making the sandwiches and counting the raffle money? Come on lads, who wears the trousers down in devon - they say we can't multi-task, so there's no way we can make the sandwiches and count the raffle money!!!!
  17. must be time of the month
  18. Lmao... Recaro headrests at dawn
  19. there is no problem with having the shows on the same day is there?

    jemma was annoyed as i am tbh, at the way you guys seem to find anything you can to knock our show, you must realise how much effort is envolved with it,

    why do we have automaticly have to be the ones who move dates......as said on the other thread... WE BOOKED OUR DATE FIRST.

    our show is just as important to us as yours is to you.

    i have every respect for your show... surely you can have some kind of respect for ours and what we are trying to do.
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  20. topaz


    I will say this once.

    She didnt show any respect with her post on the devon board.
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