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    Welcome to the forum of the Ford RS Owners Club.

    Formed in 1980 by a small group of enthusiasts, the Ford RS Owners Club has grown into an international car club catering for all RS models built by Ford since 1969. Members of the club are involved in many branches of motorsport and we have a very high standard of concours competition within our ranks.


    The club is run by the members for the members with a strong committee of dedicated enthusiasts supported by other club officials. With fully paid membership of over 3,000, the club runs a dedicated office, open during work hours to handle any general enquires.

    The RSOC is probably the best source of information on your RS world wide and in addition has an excellent classified section to locate RS Cars, new and used spare parts no longer available from normal sources.

    The RS Owners Club is all about enthusiasts therefore you do not need to own an RS to be a member, we are all into performance and standard cars.

    Club Events

    The club has a very active summer events schedule with local groups holding regional concours events the length of the country, whether you enjoy looking at excellent standard or modified RS Cars, into the sound system scene, require performance parts or auto jumble, the regional shows make a great day out for the family or enthusiast alike.

    There are also circuit track days, allowing you to test your RS off the public highway. Don't forget our biggest event, National Day, held each season.

    Our club was established with 6 objects:-
    1. To further an interest in Ford RS marque cars in particular and motoring and motorsport in general
    2. To provide members with information, advice and assistance on matters affecting motoring and motor vehicles
    3. To promote motor competitions and concours displays
    4. To arrange tours, lectures, discussions and social and other meetings
    5. To report any proposed local action or scheme
    6. To afford members such other benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange
    To view the content of the site you need to create yourself a (free) user account and then log in.

    To see the "Private" areas of the site you need to "Join the RSOC" as a paying member which can be found in the menu of the main website or ring the office who will explain the easiest way to join.

    If you want to dip your toe into "the scene" then the best place to start is at your local group's monthly meeting.

    Create yourself and account, log in and you will find when and where your next one is.
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