Cumbria Regional day 28th May 2017

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  1. oggiesr

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    Cumbria show 2017
    Can all club stands try to be in before 9.00am show opens to the public at 9.30am gate open to traders and concourse from 6.30 this is to ease traffic flow thank you for you cooperation.
    The heaves hotel is now officially closed and of limits we only have the use of the grounds this year. We have a large marque and bar facilities along with outside catering by Spit 'N' Crackle check them out on facebook they did the catering on Sunday last year at the show.
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  2. goodison1972


    I'll get to the concourse stand for about 7am, can't get there any earlier!
  3. Hi, I was on the Honiton pass today Saturday and was taking pictures of all the cars.I'm a semi-pro photographer. If anybody would like pictures of your car or any other cars, all the cars looked superb and you all got a wave.
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  4. Chesney

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    Amber Mexico mk2 Reg Vcf91s if u have any of it please.
  5. Hi, yes I have one of your car. Please use my email to reply...
    Regards Stuart Howard.
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  6. fastchappers


    Do we know where the show will be held next year.
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