Cornwall RSOC Regional Day - Sunday 21/06/09 - Stoke Climsland

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  1. AndyPen

    AndyPen RSOC Member RSOC Member 40840

    Wales (W) Group
    Dont worry Col mate - we will all talk about you tomorrow pal :D
  2. mike77cos

    mike77cos RSOC Insurance Officer BBS Admin RSOC Committee RSOC Member RSOC Member 36452

    I am burnt to a crisp

    I would like to thank everyone that came and supported us.

    I hope you all had a great weekend

    And I really hope someone took some pictures, as we didn't!!!!

  3. Thanks for putting on a great weekend and dont worry about pics i have loads!
  4. AndyPen

    AndyPen RSOC Member RSOC Member 40840

    Wales (W) Group
    Stunning day Mike and your wet trousers were needed in all that heat. Liam and I are kinda coloured from all that sun too.

    As yelled out as we left - a stunning day all round and a big thanks to the Cornish crew


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  5. AndyPen

    AndyPen RSOC Member RSOC Member 40840

    Wales (W) Group
    ...and yes that tiny pastry thing in my hand is one of my mums real size Cornish Pastys - thanks Mum :drool:
  6. Mark Barber

    Mark Barber RSOC Member RSOC Member 18969

    Staffordshire (N) Group
    we alll loved it top top show

    im also burnt to a crisp :rlmao::rlmao:
  7. Now thats a propper pasty lol, thanks to all for making our show weekend a success a pretty good turnout for a new location, all comments have been taken on board and thankyou we will see if we can make it even better next year. :thumbsup:


    Thanks to the Cornish boys n girls for a great weekend :beer::beer::beer:
  9. Well fantastic show, throughly tired but got back in 1 piece . . . thanks again and see you next year
  10. as everyone else has said, thanks all who organised the tour and the show itself. we had a superb weekend and cant wait for next years event
  11. President

    President RSOC Life Member RSOC Member LIFE Member 4608

    Thanks Guys & Gals for a great show & ordering the sun:)

    Big thanks to Dean who repaired my broken engine mount what a top bloke:clap::clap:

    Only downside was Mr Flatman :hug: bad loser and even worse Dancer :rlmao::rlmao:

  12. Great turnout yesterday. My first show and mine was the only "Non-RS" there. Bit gutted cos people were walking by like it had the plague:alone:. Burnt a little but mostly topped up me tan ta very much.
  13. Frosticles

    Frosticles RSOC Life Member RSOC Member LIFE Member 37178

    many thanks for a great day. :beer: :beer::beer::thumbsup:
  14. Glad you enjoyed the show Loopy and thanks for coming up :clap: and we had a RS Cabby on the gate with a flag under its wheel so we wouldnt treat you like you had an infection lol :thumbsup:
  15. AndyPen

    AndyPen RSOC Member RSOC Member 40840

    Wales (W) Group
    I did see you in passing... but ya were so busy under that hat mate :cool:
  16. Many thanks to everybody who attended our show. YOU are the ones who make it a great day for thanks again:thumbsup:
  17. Fantastic day! Was great to see you all again & we both caught loads of sun! I burnt half me face cos my fringe covered the other half. What a ! lol

  18. great show on sunday !!! burnt me head aswell :D my computer still busted up a friends at mo but hopefully getting it sorted tommorow :pale: cheers to all for a great day :beer:
  19. Great weekend,thanks to the Cornwall group,good to catch up with some old friends again..:beer::beer:
  20. Black Cat

    Black Cat RSOC Member RSOC Member 33476

    Glad everyone enjoyed themselves

    We've sent Mike back to the secure facility!:s:

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