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    In 1990 the RSOC was based up the following simple set of 6 rules. We now find ourselves many years later operating in a very different world, much of it "on-line", but the clubs reason to exist remains much the same despite the changes in technology:-

    Rules of The Ford RS Owners’ Club

      • TITLE

        The Name of the Club shall be The Ford RS Owners’ Club.
      • OBJECTS
        1. To further an interest in Ford RS marque cars in particular and motoring and motorsport in general
        2. To provide members with information, advice and assistance on matters affecting motoring and motor vehicles
        3. To promote motor competitions and concours displays
        4. To arrange tours, lectures, discussions and social and other meetings
        5. To report any proposed local action or scheme
        6. To afford members such other benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange
    To reflect current social media use and digital mediums we have the following rules:-

    Use of the RSOC Forum, Facebook or any other club social media must be in line with the object of the club which is to promote the Ford RS brand in a positive environment.

    Some part of the forums will only be available to fully paid up members of the Ford RS Owners Club (1990) Limited whilst the Facebook page is open to the wider public. As such please be mindful that generally, people of all ages are able to view the content, you must be polite at all times, treating your fellow members with respect and refrain from any and all swearing.

    Personal attacks, abuse and/or name calling in any form regardless of the tone or nature will not be tolerated and will result in you being removed from the forum/facebook page and if need be the club on either a permanent or temporary basis. You must not harass another person or incite others to do so.

    Do not post for the sake of posting, or simply to increase your post count.

    Don’t break the law. Don’t post about things that break the law, or that might encourage others to break or circumvent the law.

    Ensure your post is useful and directly related to the subject of the original poster. Do not change the subject of a post, or post non-constructive replies.

    Don’t partake in or incite xenophobia, racism or any other form of personal abuse including sexism and homophobic remarks. Swearing of any kind will not be tolerated and result in the post being removed. Do not post images of a sexual nature.

    You may not place wanted or sale ads on the forum unless you are a club member. 'What's its worth' posts are also not allowed.

    Constructive criticism in the interest of stimulating conversation to improve the club is acceptable, however using a memberwide/public platform to broadcast discontent is not, this should be undertaken by traditional communication methods. This includes repetitive posting of previously raised issues or posting a pattern of negative posts or complaints that undermine the club, an official or any member of the club.

    Please help us to make this a good place to be and respect the rules and the WebTeam who oversee it.

    The admin team.
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