Charity ride cars wanted for Combe 2015

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for track cars willing to offer charity rides on our day in July.

    All I ask is that you have a decent amount of experience and are willing to allow the public in your car.

    A modified vehicle with a cage and seats with harnesses would be perfered.

    This year our charity is Mind.

    Packages include full use of the track, food and drink on the day breakfast and lunch.

    Free entry for partners.

    In return Iam asking for you to take passenges around on a 3 lap...1 out, 1 fast, and 1 in lap.

    Open pit so when your not doing charity rides you can use the track as you wish.

    You can agree a morning session, afternoon session or even offer all day rides.

    Normal times 10 until 4.

    If you are interested please email

    Thank you


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