2007 Devon Regional Day

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  1. quick..........edit....;);););)..........delete button broke :wall:
  2. oggiesr

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    Cumbria Group
  3. oggiesr

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    Cumbria Group
    we have held the CUMBRIA SHOW on the 2nd week end in may for the last 4 years
    Devon is the best show of the year VOTED BUY ?
    (we requested the date first so go away cumbria CHILDISH !!!!

    We are supported by the national RS club they are not

    YES we are having concours GOOD LUCK TO YOU ?
    Cumbria dont belive in concours, they only like the old skool cars PLEASE TELL ME WHO SAID THIS ?

    (I hope I never meet cumbria I have a few words for them RING ME NO PROBLEM
  4. jemma would never had said those things ,had she not felt what was being said on the other thread was out of order. you guys were talking as if we are second rate ,and its not true. our show is just as important as yours.

    the reason we chose the date we did was due to baby's, weddings etc ,we all have lives other than the rsoc, so we chose a date that gave us all some time to organise it.

    it seems people cant wait to have a go at us, as soon as an opertunity arises, without fail it happens every time. Tbh im sick to death of it.

    Just look at the title of the other thread , cumbria v's devon.... what does that mean? we are not v's anyone.

    Anyway, you guys carry on, i cant be bothered anymore.

    i Wonder why passionford is growing so quickly........
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  5. Devon & Cumbria

    Steve / Jemma

    I have spoke to both Steve and Jemma and agreed that the two shows will be on the same day and Steve did not want Concourse at his show .

    The National club will be suporting both shows as always.

    Devon booked there show first I rang steve up about this and he said he could not change his date and would like to proceed with his show.

    Please advise me as RSOC members of what you think we should do in this situation in the future as both groups had booked the same date and both said they cannot change .

    We could propose to have a show calander at the end of the year for the next year with proposed dates but groups could still want the same date.

    If anyone wants to give me a ring 07970198108 or pm me your number and I will ring you.
  6. I have always thought it was an unwritten law that the RS group who has always had the same dates in previous years, has first shout on that date. It is only courtesy after all, any other group wanting that date should check previous year's dates so as not to cause conflict, not just barge in and say 'we booked it first'
  7. surely thats what the regional day coordinater should do? we had no way of knowing other shows would be on this date,when we booked the date was clear, empty. no shows booked.

    we just assumed if there was a problem the date would not have been accepted.

    surely when the second booking was taken it must have been visable there was a "problem" if thats what it is......
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  8. Both the Regional Day Co-ordinator and the group requesting that date should have checked the date beforehand to see if it coincided with another group having always held their show that weekend IMO. Some clubs are unable to book a date as early as you have, so surely it would have been prudent to check back for last couple of years to see if another group has regularly had that weekend for the day of their show.
  9. but who knows if they will be having the show on that date this year?

    we arnt using the same date as last year are we?

    so the shows do not have to be on the same date.

    i would have thought if it was a problem to have a show on this date it would have been rejected. and it WASNT.
  10. Dave Easton

    Dave Easton

    as some of you may recall from past agm s

    dates for shows are not any regional clubs "own weekend"

    dates do move and shows change

    we had to move croft last year cos lancs booked the first weekend in july,

    we then ended up the day after coombe, not great for either club

    we have had shows on the same day before, 2005 knockhill and northants
    2006, abedeen and somerset, both had concours as they were deemed to be far enough apart not to really bother each other

    if devon booked the show first and no other applications were made at the time,then they have a show date. !!

    exactly what happened for croft this year as we could not book the date till the race calendar came out and therefore lost the date ! not a problem in the end though

    bitching and backstabbing on here will do neither club any good or their shows and as for my show is better etc, each show is different and we all put a lot of effort in to our own regional days

    as lee said both groups filled out the form unfortunately for the same date, its hardly his fault, if cumbria decide they dont want concours anyway i dont know what the problem is ?
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  11. ask cumbria what the problem is.... devon do not have a problem.

    can you close my account and delete my details please?
  12. End of story :wavey:
  13. why on earth would you want to do that mate ? dont make silly decissions based on your feeling at the moment...

    dave you said about the regional group talking amounst themselves..... they wouldnt know they had both picked the same date, the national rsoc would know they clashed first so why cant they pick the phone up and talk to the two groups? the regional groups pick the prefered dates and its up to the national club to say yes or no surely?

    if it doesnt work like that then something should be made clear to all groups.

    this lack of judgement has now caused a serious rift between two clubs, thats pretty lame imo.... and i feel sorry for both devon and cumbria groups.
  14. oh why cant we have someone like you running this joint! :thumbsup:

    i dont want to be a part of this, it happens time and time again.
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  15. Chairman

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    Lancashire Group

    woza, with the greatest of respect fella, if you re-read Lee's post http://bbs.rsownersclub.co.uk/showpost.php?p=915798&postcount=45 he actually did ring them both up and speak with both groups. Both of whom were happy for the shows to proceed on the same date.

    What more needs to be said really, both groups happy that each others show is on the same weekend and will have little or no effect on each other.
  16. oggiesr

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    Cumbria Group


  17. realy so why has this thread kicked off then? somebody isnt happy by the looks of things...

    i must admit i thought cumbria was in wales.... lmao so thought it was a lot closer so you can call me an idiot if you wish.

    its similar to somerset and n/e scotland clashing this year in july, there at the other end on the country and i can understand why they occupy the same date....

    however for the masses that live near to the show thats great, how about peeps who would like to attend a particular show for example scotland but that clashes with a much local show..... wouldnt the scots like to see cornwall,devon maybe somerset at there show? we would like to see them at ours but there not given the oppertuanty as the dates clash and missing a local show and travelling the length of the country just wouldnt happen.

    its just a thought..... as it looks like cornwall is going to scotland next year :banana:
  18. Went to Cumbria last year to the tour and the RS regional day! best weekend show we have been to and we would'nt miss it this year for anything. :beer:
  19. oggiesr

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    Cumbria Group
    you need a map mate :thumbsup:
  20. Black Cat

    Black Cat RSOC Member RSOC Member 33476

    Well he is from Cornwall - they get dizzy if they go past Somerset ;) lmao lmao lmao lmao
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