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Discussion in 'How to become an RSOC sponsor' started by Justin Smith, Jan 20, 2017.

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    Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Ford RS Owners Club.

    Despite being a club funded in the main from membership subscriptions, we have resisted the temptation to try and finance the club’s magazine in totality through pages of adverts and instead we work with a select few individuals and companies who we think fit well with the club. We have also kept our prices low to encourage smaller specialists to come on board, this way we think we keep the club magazine special.

    Our magazine is published every other month and is posted to over 3,300 paid members mainly in the UK. We have a range of advert sizes as you can see on the following page. Full pages are limited to inside covers and the back cover at the current time. Other adverts are available as ¼ or ½ pages and we are keen to explore not just traditional box adverts but also horizontal and vertical “banner” styles to ensure the reader remains engaged. If you would like to use the RSOC’s designers to produce your advert we can put you in touch.

    For those committing to 3 editions or more we allow a banner image to be added to the top of our busy forum where we have over 32,000 subscribed members. Additionally, we are able to create an area of your own within the forum so you can connect with your potential customers to help showcase your business.

    In addition to the above we have a members only area of the website where you can announce special deals/offers/products and when you need an extra push we can work with you to gain further exposure to this member benefit though our Twitter and Facebook channels to over 22,000 engaged followers.

    Finally, if you have something really special to offer members we have a 6,000 strong email distribution list through which we can deliver a professional mailshot and if you want to come and sell at our annual “National Day” meeting we’ll refund your pitch fees after the show.

    I hope this may be of interest and that together we can start to build a relationship that works for you, for us and most importantly for our members.



    Justin Smith

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