Stanford Hall 2006

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  1. yeah aint looking good is it could end up very wet!!! lets hope they get it wrong and it dries up for sunday??
  2. Rain means i aint going :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Santa Pod - Cloudy and Rain
    Cumbria - Cloudy and Rain
    Stanford - Cloudy and Rain

    When does this fooking country ever get better. Guaranteed it will be lovely and sunny next week when we are all at fooking work :wft: :wft: :wft:

    Fooking pi55ed off today :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
  3. Arhhh.... BBC now says light rain - Met Office still says heavy rain.

    Do they really know what it's gonna be? :rolleyes:
  4. Chairman

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    Lancashire Group
    Both currently saying heavy rain but is saying light rain :( :( :(
  5. Another typical, shite English summer :rolleyes:
  6. If you go on, on hour by hour forecast its partly cloudy till 11am!! then light rain, ooooo its getting better!! :rsg: :rsg:

  7. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Right im getting there at 5am to get cleaning till 11am :hehe: :hehe:
  8. Anyone got a postcode of where Stanford Hall is as only looks like me going from our group! :pale: :pale: :pale:

    Rich :spin:
  9. Its ok found it, its LE17 6DH, for anyone else, looks like just off J19 off M1.

  10. cos.andy

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    looks like the weather is going to be poor but what can we do :cry: if it rains it rains, just have to try and make the best of it :banana:
  11. Well said Andy mate. We will just have to make the best of it boys and girls

    But one thing is bugging me. How the fook are we supposed to polish our cars??? or is it just a wash job?????????????????
  12. cos.andy

    cos.andy RSOC Member RSOC Member 36407

    yep, can't polish in the rain, but neither can anyone else
  13. Good polish before sunday mate I think, When I was speaking to Kev Flatman at Cumbria, he said if its raining everyone gets top marks for bodywork and the competition will be on everything else. Seems the only fair way to me!

  14. cos.andy

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    yep kev and the cox brothers are good blokes, at margam park last year it rained all day so the judge got all of our class together and asked us what we didn't want to be judged on to prevent the cars getting soaked. so he picked an area to judge for each section and just checked that place on every car. a good way to do it when the weather is bad :thumbsup:


    JUST NEED GIANT UMBRELLA lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao
  16. Thats it!, Its still peeing down!, very p'd off and unsure if im going now.!!

  17. and wellies :D
  18. GarethB

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    I'll be there even if it rains.

    Got soaked three times and that was just to get the inside sorted. Saved washing and the old girl came up real nice once dried off. Nows loads polish to stop the the muck sticking.

    Only have 7 miles to go so hopefully will not get too much muck on the old girl.

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