Show dates for 2014

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    April 27th
    Central Day at Santa Pod

    May 3rd
    N Ireland at Ballee Playing Fields, Ballymena

    May 11th
    Cumbria at Heaves Hotel

    May 18th
    C&E / NE Scotland
    Knockhill racing circuit

    June 7th / 8th
    Durham and Derby
    Croft racing circuit

    June 22nd
    Little Bodeive Hotel Park

    July 5th
    Bristol and Swindon
    Castle Combe racing circuit

    13th July
    North Yorkshire
    Light Water Valley

    July 20th
    National Day
    Donnington racing circuit

    August 17th
    Cotswold Wildlife Park

    September 14th
    Wilton mill

    Well northants show has been added and the shows finalised and hope to see you at the shows, why not pop over and say hello as you should see a nice new RSOC gazebo at the shows with me and a few goodies in it

    cheers dunc
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  2. rsdan1984

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    Oxford Group
    is this the full list now?
  3. plug4x4

    plug4x4 RSOC Member RSOC Member 32810

    Hope to have a date for Northants very soon.
  4. Added today:thumbsup:

    Maybe one more show? But time will tell
  5. South Uk?

    Anyone planning on doing any meets in the South England? I live in Berkshire and would like to have a meet? Any ideas?
  6. StornowayRS


  7. Would have liked to have seen a show last year but it didn't happen and so far its just been talked about for this year, but would like to push for a show down south as that is where most members are from so it makes perfect sence to put on a show in this area
  8. Really disappointed to see the northants show on the 14th of september as there is a classic car show on the same weekend don't people check whether there is other shows on the same weekend
  9. Light water valley now added

    As for shows clashing then over the summer months there is only so many weekends and there will always be something else going on, but we do try to miss other big events but sometime it can not be avoided as Venues also have limited dates and you need to work round lots of different things
  10. CHRISP

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    missed LWV last year because of a monsoon at 6am in the NE and ended up getting a bollocking off a few people for bailing out as the weather was lush all day at the show :cry::cry::cry:

    will be there this year :D
  11. I got sunburnt. Was a monsoon on the way though. Anth turned up with only one wiper going :lmao:
  12. N Ireland show added
  13. plug4x4

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    Dunc, any chance you could put contact details for every show, organisers name and contact number so people know who to book a stand through or get some more info? Northants would like to book a stand at Heaves hotel but can't find any info anywhere.
  14. sraybould

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    Nottingham Group
    Northants show

    Hi Dave, lets hope its not between 5th and 16th as we are away! :rolleyes:

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