Scottish RSOC regional day

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    Cheers Peter, will you be there matey?
  2. playing golf final in the morning so be there later in the afternoon on the unofficial west group stand..... c ya there... :thumbsup:

  3. the d man

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  4. Close peter, you actually go past the caravan site to get to the track. :thumbsup:

    But its a dead end road, just keep driving past the caravan site(100yds or so), you can't miss it! :beer:
  5. just a quickey do any of you scotish guys know if there is a pub near the campsite that will have the football on, on saturday???
    maybe the campsite bar will have it as both our national teams are in action and i should be there in good time to watch the games????
    cheers james.
  6. Call Marc on 07745 230902 as he lives 2 mins from where the show is being held :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  7. do you want to watch the Scotland game ???
  8. i will watch owt me as long as its football thought scotland and england were different kick off time so can watch both????
  9. not sure but i don't know if the England game will be broadcast up here..
    might get it on sky....but muirkirk/cumnock is shall we say is not like many other places.... :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
  10. Absolutely creasing myself at that statement!!! lmao lmao

    Scotland game is a 3pm kick on Sky 2

    England game is a 5pm kick on the beeb i think

    Not sure if the local pub is the best place to watch it tho.....(saloon wi tumble weed and cowboys :cry: ) but if its on the bbc i'd imagine it'll be on in the campsite bar! :beer: :beer:
    if you ask nicely!! lmao :D

    MARC MCCUBBIN RSOC Sapphire Cosworth Registrar RSOC Member RSOC Member 33508

    defo b 1 or 2 of the local pub's wa it on.
  12. i'd better not pack my england face paints then eh guys??
  13. PMSL......just had a thought about that....prob best i don't wear ma CELTIC top then eh!!! lmao lmao

    Haha, i'd laugh pal........ lmao lmao
  14. Simbo

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  15. Smiggy


    Fuxake Jake you never told me you were one of them. I'll need to go out and give the car a right good scrub down now! lmao lmao

    On second thoughts - anyone wanna buy an S1 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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