Oxford RS show 2012

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  1. Chesney

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    Nottingham Group
    was a top day, my kids loved the safari park. We'll deffo be going again.

    It was hard judging the undersides due to the wet grass but we did the best we could under the conditions. Hats off to all involved, top show. :D
  2. belgianS1



    as above, was a really good show, grass wasn't perfect, just as was the weather, but don't think anyone is to blame, nice venue, good turnout of cars.
    Spoke to loads of people, a real nice day out, and if you want to bring wife and kids the zoo is ideal for them to not her the lads moaning over their cars all day:D:D
    Was deffinately worth the 1000+ km round trip from Belgium:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    well done to all of you involved in organising

    cheeRS Chris
  3. Java Green

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    yep, I agree good show, spot on venue even the burger van was good!
    Where is all this global warming they keep telling us about?
    Thanks to the organisers for a great (bit damp) day.

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