Nottingham Regional Day July 11th 2010

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  1. can anyone come?? Ours isnt perfect (she's work in progress) but my fella would be in his element if he could come along and see what it's all about. Do we buy tickets on the gate?
  2. Frosticles

    Frosticles RSOC Life Member RSOC Member LIFE Member 37178

    We will be devoting an area to non-members so yes, you are welcome. Everyone is to pay on the gate. :beer::beer:
  3. All RS are work in progress, even when they are mint you will find someone polishing it to death. Get yourself along you will enjoy it :thumbsup:
  4. Just a quick update, we seem to be struggling to get our own Members to commit to Shows this year so cannot expect other Groups to be different so with this in mind..........

    Any Group wanting a Stand can just turn up on the day, make yourself known and a area will be made available for you. Non Local Group area is also available.

    We will be running 2 raffles this year with one being specifically for the kids and the other for adults.

    Notts helpers will be in Green flourescent jackets and Andrew Greenwoods helpers will be in yellow.

    Thank You
  5. Jay P

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    Sinbad my good man, book us lot a stand space please, should have a good turnout of maybe 10 cars if it stays dry (we have some bufties in our group too) and England not getting to the final LOL.:rlmao:
  6. No problem Jay :thumbsup:
  7. sweed


    It would be nice to out number the japs this year :D .
    do you have the large side of the site?
  8. Think we will be having the left side, would be nice to out number the Japs but we will have to see (pray for sunshine) :)
  9. Collected the raffle prizes today.


    Simoniz bucket, England air freshner, Sweets and Pump will be used this Monday at our meets raffle, leaving everything else for the Regional Day.

    Hopefully there is something for everyone :thumbsup:

  10. Pete


    No BEER Sin?? :pale: :cry:
  11. I thought about it but then someone would say it's not appropriate for a car event.

  12. Is there going to be room for group gazebo's ?
    good show last year so looking forward to this :D
  13. I fancy this only got my frs last week so not managed to get to my local club meet yet but is anyone going from cheshire way?
  14. Plenty of room for Gazebo's :thumbsup:
  15. There will be a area for non Local Group folk to still show their cars Vik :thumbsup:
  16. I love this show!..............It was even brilliant when it rained all day a couple of years ago!.................

    To think, that day I was in a Subaru!..................this year I'm going in my S2........

    Quick question!, if I actually spend some money and finally join the club......can I park with the other RS cars instead of randomly in the field?.....
  17. No-one will be randomly in a field Nick but still get your Membership sorted you tight a RS e :lmao:

  18. hally


    is there a discount for rs owners club members?
  19. No mate as the gate is run by Andrew Greenwood and not us.

    Sorry :pale:
  20. Frosticles

    Frosticles RSOC Life Member RSOC Member LIFE Member 37178


    Show is this Sunday, Local Groups (North Yorks excepted) are filling up nicely. :beer:

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