DVLA V55/5 & V765 Inspections

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    If you are reading this post it's likely because you have fallen foul of the recent rules changes implemented within the DVLA which affect the issuing of log books to imported classic cars or to classic cars which have been off the radar for a long while.

    Their website explains the process which varies depending on what you are trying to do with your car.

    The "Old Vehicles" section is most likely where you will be heading.

    We welcome the changes they have made as it makes it harder to perpetrate a fraud associated with high value classic RS cars but we know the pain it must be causing for genuine honest Ford RS Owners.

    The Ford RS Owners Club are in a fortunate position that we have a dedicated expert registrar for each model of RS and we are also approved as one of DVLA's Vehicle Owners Clubs as per their V765/1 document so we may be able to help, note the word is may as you need to remember this is an owners club run by the owners for the owners and everyone is a volunteer!

    So, if you need help with a DVLA process, and they have lot's of them, all by different names, then members of the club may be able to have their car inspected by a registrar who will then write a report which will cover amongst other things what DVLA are seeking from you.

    Key Points:

    We do not just look at a car and sign a form.

    We have a responsibility to you, to DVLA and to a future owner of the car, we mention this to manage peoples expectations.

    We also don't leave out parts in the report to suit the circumstances, we have to be honest, un-biased and transparent to maintain our clubs integrity.

    The club charges £300 (£250 plus 20% VAT) for this service if we agree to undertake it. If the Registrar is travelling to you (at their discretion) then any costs involved are in addition to the inspection & documentation fee.
    So, the process is that to attempt to access you need firstly to discuss your requirements with the Senior Registrar who will try and help you. The inspection and report service is a chargeable non-refundable service to be paid in advance of any inspection. The vehicle to be inspected has to be presented to the relevant registrar at an pre-arranged agreed time and place for inspection at the owners own risk and cost. The inspection will provide the basis of the report. We will endeavour to provide an honest report from the vehicle/information supplied and our experience however payment for the service may not guarantee ultimately a favourable outcome from DVLA.

    Timescales to complete this service may vary due to inspections and other commitments of the registrars involved. However we will endeavour to complete this process as quickly as possible.

    The link to make the payment is here:-

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