Croft Date - 6th and 7th JUNE 2009

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  1. Yes. :thumbsup:
  2. thanks rach lol gettin sumwhere now lol, do we have the frs stand full yet and if not how many spaces left,
  3. Depends how many spaces we are given :lmao:
  4. I want a pass! :D I also want AE and tuna but for that i need Lami to convince Carl to come, i'm guessing the pass is the easy bit lol
  5. Carl will come aswell if theres the chance of a bacon sarnie and a nice cold can of irn bru
  6. I'll buy him a bloody pig and a case of the stuff if he gives me tuna lol i'll even bring the good stuff down from scotland, not the rubbish that gets sold in englandshire!
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  7. Scott R50 FMC

    Scott R50 FMC

    ok FRS guys, if you can organise numbers etc, Lee is gonna come and pick your passes up from me.....HTH :thumbsup:
  8. Where will the camping be? The area where local groups normally are?

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