Croft Date - 6th and 7th JUNE 2009

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  1. dingy


    Croft places is now full.

    I will take names and numbers only for the reserve lists.
  2. Scott. I wil be phoning you soon when I get more heads for our stand but do w need to pay in advance for the passes? And if so can you give me the link for the forms to fill in please?

    Cheer, Rach
  3. hI scott, mick from the aire valley club just checking we still have the 3 places i booked? can you send me confirmation? wot time do we need to sign on? we are all looking forward to the weekend.cheers mate
  4. Scott R50 FMC

    Scott R50 FMC

    Hi mate, if you booked on track then it would have been Dingy you spoke to. You need to contact him for any track enquiries. cheers.
  5. Got a line up of cars that's on track? And who's on what sessions?

  6. can i have a focus stand again this year please, i hope to get there with or with out the escort ( if its fixed by then ) dont know about numbers as yet but carnt see it being to big as quite a few are on the mancs stand

  7. ive never been to croft's before, how much is it jst for entry to the full weekend, not racing, and is there a scottish frs stand do we know. do us members get to camp down there.
    sorry if it seems like silly questions here, jst want to make sure and how much.
  8. Saturday is just a track day, free entry i think... Sunday is £10 to get in IIRC.

    Theres a Focus RS stand :beer:
  9. Scott, can you confirm you got my email the other night please? I will probs try and give you a bell later tonight.

    Cheers, Rach
  10. good stuff, is there a list for whos on the stand or is it full yet. has anyone recived their pass yet, starting to get a bit worried here, :pale:
  11. somone was mentioning passes to get in and you pay when your down there, is that not the case, or is it just a pay on entry for stand cars. maybe av picked it up wrong somewhere, please correct me here if im wrong.
  12. I thought it was just pay at the gate, some higher being will know the answer? :confused:
  13. I presume Dunc will get the stand passes if they are required this year.
  14. Cool, when will we know if we need them and how do we get them?

    Oh and FIT MY ACTUATOR! lol
  15. I could have fitted it on the Saturday but you need AE and TUNA first :cry:
  16. You have to order passes before the day to be on a club stand then you just pay on the day. if you dont have a pass for a stand then your in the car park. Its £5 entry saturday, £10 sunday. Just track saturday, Show and track sunday. Hope this helps!
  17. Scott R50 FMC

    Scott R50 FMC

    thanks Rach.

    Contrary to belief I don't spend all my spare time on the internet thats why we have mobile phones to ring LOL

    As for a stand, no one has booked a FRS stand through me as yet, Not a problem though as i'll put it down on the list but people will still need passes to get in so someone from the FRS gang needs to contact Duncan about this.

    my number for any quieries is 07717 280942
  18. well if we get a stand im wanting a pass to get on the frs stand, am sure "rsjack" is in aswell, anyone else, if we can get it arranged then yeah, so is it £5 entry on the sat to watch the track and £10 for sunday for the show. :)
  19. Scott... Dunc has requested an FRS stand above.

    I would reckon 10 cars max.

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