Castle Combe Date Sat 7th July 2007

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  1. the east devon group will be there.
  2. the focus rs group should be there as well i hope
  3. East Devon RSOC
    Central RSOC
    Focus RS

    All above groups you have said you will be attending but I have not yet received a club stand booking and now less than 2 weeks to the show, please send me your club bookings ASAP.

    CheeRS Dave
    Swindon/Bristol RS Show Committee
  4. will do mate but is it all right for you to send out car passes ( about 10 ) to me and for the owners to get there own ticket to get in on the day
    :cheers: dunc
  5. yes no problem at all just supply me with details please e-mail me direct
  6. email sent mate i take it i dont need to fill in the form any more ?
  7. I'll be going, so my car won't be available for sale for another 2 weeks.

    My first time for this show, although I did go to another one at Castle Coombe 2 years ago with another car.
  8. No need for any form just tell me how many attending.

  9. i sent east devon's booking form off last week.
  10. I deal with visiting clubs not recieved anything from East Devon what address did you send it to?
  11. What time do we need to be there for going on one of the stands? By 9am?
  12. This show is my favourite show of the year.....cant wait to get there!!:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  13. We will be there from 6.30am so any time after that we have cars arriving at all times but before 9am would prob be better for you and us, queues can get quite long at times although with years of expierence we get you all in pretty quick as long as you have your paddock pass diplayed in your screen.
  14. RS DJ you have PM :thumbsup:
  15. need 12 passes please mate:thumbsup:
  16. Your passes have already been sent you should have them by now?

  17. I'm going to this one.

    It'll be my first time at Castle Combe and I'm really looking forward to it.

    Are all the visiting car clubs on concrete / tarmac? Don't want to be on the grass again like at Classic Ford day!
  18. I will be there :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Cannot wait as i been told its a top show :beer: :beer: :beer:
  19. wildheart


    My mates Escos might not be ready in time for the derbyshire stand so will it be possible for him to park his specced up Audi RS4 on stand or at least get it infield?
    If he cant then he doesnt want to risk comeing down!
  20. got them today many thanks and see you on the day:thumbsup:

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