Aberdeen regional show

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  1. Kel


    Aberdeen regional show booking forms

    Aberdeen regional show booking forms
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  2. Ello all.

    We had our last regional meeting last night before our above show.

    Please do support it as best as you can.

    I just found out last night that the log book scheme has been changed again (only need to attend 50% of the regional shows to be able to go to the Gold cup) making most people just attend the southern, nearer to home shows.
    This is very understandable as it does cost a fair bit to come up here.

    Another thing I found out last night that the club is cutting back quite a few regional shows. In light of this, we (North East Scotland group) has decided to take huge steps forward and bring a new light to RSOC regional days.

    Again being inside, we also have the biggest new car dealers, a company who hires out Ferrari / Porsche cars for track days, Snap-on Tools and variou other stands (models, spares, etc.) There will be an auto-test outside by our local Motorsport group, putting various cars through their paces.

    Not only that, we will be advertising on TV, radio, newspapers & will have a live broadcast during the Sunday morning!!!

    As you will see, we are putting A LOT of effort into our show & we still need the support of the RSOC to carry this into the future, even though we may be more than 600 miles away from some of you!

    If you are to fly up, we will kindly be able to pick you up!

    Hope to see you up here on the 30th / 1st

    Robin Watt
  3. Scott R50 FMC

    Scott R50 FMC

    i'll still be there showing my car, always a good weekend for us lot.
  4. Kevin

    Kevin RSOC Member RSOC Member 19748

    yep i will be there from the cotswolds
  5. Simbo

    Simbo RSOC Member RSOC Member 48290

    Whos going into the city centre for beer on the sat night then

    anyone up for it??
  6. Typical jase!
    only thinkin about beer!

    hotel bar will be filled to the rafters with willing drinkers as usual!

    may even partake in a couple myself! :D :beer:

    MARC MCCUBBIN RSOC Sapphire Cosworth Registrar RSOC Member RSOC Member 33508

    if you ever get your car finished jake what is the hold up. :wall: :wall: :wall: :zzzz: :zzzz: :zzzz:
  8. I will be in the hotel bar drinking irn bru as usual.
  9. Fraz

    Fraz RSOC Member RSOC Member 31588

  10. i am travelling up on sunday morning but i dont fancy leaving my mk2 in the public car park so some **** can open their doors against it,steal the centre caps etc,.is there a bit for rs cars set aside.also it would be nice to met up with some rs's on the way if anyone is travelling up

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